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Main Idea
Trust: we have not learned how to trust
Main point #1: We have not learned to be skeptical of who we trust
Main Point #2 We have not learned to trust eachother
Predicting the future: Our society will continue growing more and more secretive whilst the government grows more and more invading
Attention Getter
Picture of someone with fingers crossed behind back
Introduction details with Background information
America has changed greatly in the last 60 years, but one thing remains the same, shown through two writers with similar themes writing over half a century apart: America has not learned how to trust. This is shown through these two novels: (picture of little brother and 1984 side by side with back cover descriptions next to them)
Although this country has made great leaps since 1949, Little Brother by Cory Doctrow and 1984 by George Orwell show this nation that America has not learned how to trust, by being skeptical of bestowing trust and by trusting fellow citizens, and this will lead to a society in which Government is constantly chasing right behind secrecy.
Body #1
Picture or video relating to trust
Skepticism of Government acheived, but the trust has transferred to media
(start with media camera picture) Although today's society is not that of 1984, where everyone blindly accepts what the government dishes out, it is taken for granted that trust is secure in the media. The land of today is the land of internet, the land of google, yahoo, and; of 15 different news channels, of any information available to anyone with one single click, and everyone trusts that it is all true. The problem with this is that when one asks for the endless information of the internet, one also gets the endless lies and useless content that comes with it. America and the world need to be skeptical of who they trust. Give specific examples relating trust in 1984 to trust in Little Brother and how they have not changed/ are still flawed, use quotes.
We have not learned how to doubt ourselves.
Talk about how we want to be able to trust without doubt and uncertainty, talk about the way we trust, etc. and how that makes humans vulnerable. Get some videos on the brain, etc.
wehave not learned how to be skeptical of power and authority.

Body #2

Body #3