So, in a world in which people can never seem to achieve skepticism of trust, yet, at the same time cannot establish a common level of human trust, the future looks very grim indeed. The biggest role in this world will be played by technology.
America has achieved skepticism of government, but is also distrusting of fellow citizens and human beings, and will eventually lose trust in the media. These three things combined will lead to an overwhelming sense of paranoia, and when this is considered in turn with the fact that Americans can never totally achieve skepticism of who they trust, this is a recipe for disaster. The one thing that everyone can remain confident will be America’s fallback which will be trusted absolutely is technology, and eventually technology will be their downfall. Imagine full on simulated strip searches every time one enters an airport, Assembly lines of people be thoroughly searched from head to toe, bare naked, and that’s just the airport.
Once the technology gets there, it is only a matter of time, because Americans trust technology absolutely. Security would become such that entering any important or frequented building would be a difficult task. In Little Brother, after the terrorist attack, commuting time increases ten fold, according to Marcus: "I wasn't the only one who got screwed up by the histograms. There are lots of people who have abnormal traffic patterns. Abnormal is so common, it's pratically normal" (Doctorow). Marcus says this after he is "detained" for having unusual traffic patterns. This describes how the technology allowed the government to monitor the citizens more, but it also made everything a much bigger hassle. All this would just be the future of public security that Americans would be aware of.

Rest assured that this would be just as extreme for home security as well. Think every inch of one’s residence being monitored, and “protected”, and of course this task would eventually fall into the hands of the government. This is similar to the situation in 1984, in which everyone is monitored on camera 24/7. When Winston recieves a note from Julia saying she loves him, he cannot even find a place to open it because even the bathrooms have cameras convering every inch of them (Orwell). This is a sign that security has gone too far, however, by the tie it reached that point in 1984, there was nothing the citizens could do about it. This relates to modern day, shown through the section of Little Brother where Marcus is finding bugs in his room. He has just been released from the secret prison and returns home only to discover that his laptop has been taken apart in order for the government to put a tracking chip in it (Doctorow). The government believes that they are protecting their country from a suspected terrorist, but Marcus realizes that he is just an innocent person being spied upon unjustly. The truth is that America is rapidly approaching this world where the government takes control, but the struggle will not end anytime soon. Americans would undoubtedly grasp for control of their own home security, and this of course is done through advances in technology. The stronger the technology, the more safety, the more security, and the more privacy can be had, but when the people have access to the technology, the government does as well, and it is only one more step for them to use the same technology that is preventing the government from letting the government control citizens as a means for the government to control citizens.

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Here are a few examples of current security technologies: a wireless video camera the size of a penny- 120$ (Spy), full body scanners, a recording device that can be passed off for a pack of gum- 100$ (Gadget), and tracking device- free with the purchase of any cell phone. These are just a few things that are currently on the market that can completely invade privacy beyond our imaginations, and new ones are being invented each day, America is dead set towards a world where government uses these and much worse devices on us and the citizens barely edge them out with technology.


Eventually the world will be so overwhelmingly consumed with technology that nothing and no one will ever have a moment of privacy. People may soon live in an America where the whole country is brutally protecting their lack of privacy. America's future is bleak, and it is one where the government is constantly chasing secrecy through technology.