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tree-of-life.jpg(Tree) Welcome readers, This is what you call a living document. This is an online comparison essay between Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, and 1984 by George Orwell. In this essay I will be using these two works to show what America has not learned since Orwell's time, which, in the case of my essay is how to trust, I will also use this description of our lack of learning to give a glimpse of what this means for the future. The really exciting and revolutionary aspect of this essay is how it is different. You can browse through the pages at will, and stop reading whenever you would like, reading in any order you would like, you can read more on interesting documents I have linked to, browse videos, and discuss the different parts of the paper, all without ever really leaving the essay. On this homepage you can read and see more in depth content on many of the aspects of my paper, please enjoy!

While reading the essay the links I have embeded should guide you through the essay correctly, but if you would rather follow a structured order, here is the natural order of pages:
So it appears...
Skeptical Trust
Trusting Humans

The Future

These are wordles of the complete text of the two books this essay pertains to

Wordle: 1984- completed text>Wordle: Little Brother Completed text
(Packer, Eric. Wordle: 1984) (Packer, Eric. Wordle: Little)

These are cartoons relating to trusting, many are relavant:
trust cartoons

This is a poster I made that represents the section of my essay on being skeptical of who you trust:

(Packer, Eric. Trust)