English 9 honors
Smith Period 2

Learning to Trust

(Photograph. Triplepundit.)

America has changed greatly in the last 60 years, but one thing remains the same, shown through two writers with similar themes writing over half a century apart: America has not learned how to trust. The proof of this is obvious in these two revolutionary works:
1984 is the tale of a young man named Winston living in a once futuristic society with a totalitarian government. When Winston formulates a plan to rebel against the government he begins to realize just how daunting and powerful "Big Brother" is.(1984)

Little Brother tells the modern story of a boy named Marcus who, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack is captured and tortured as a suspect for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Marcus decides to rebel against the government and soon finds himself in over his head in a country where "security" has just taken the lead seat for priorities. (Little)

Although this country has made great leaps since 1949, Little Brother by Cory Doctrow and 1984 by George Orwell show that America has not learned how to trust its fellow citizens and be skeptical of the act of bestowing trust, which will lead to a society where Government is constantly chasing secrecy throug technology...America has not learned how to be skeptical of who they trust